A little soup conversation!

We have had a little soup conversation and thought you might like to share …

First Paul one of our customers emailed to say

Today I had some of your lentil and something soup which was delicious as are all of your soups. I am completely clueless when it comes to the kitchen but would really like to be able to make your soups. I wonder if perhaps you could consider offering a recipe with the soup of make it available on the website. Preferably written for complete novices like me. Could be a good move as presumably the van stocks all the ingredients so it may also help increase sales.

Jo replied with

So glad you like the soup : )

We’ll try and find some time to write up recipes. A few people have asked. They are very easy to make and indeed the ingredients can all be found on the mobile shop.  We will be stopping soup after Easter and starting again in the Autumn so could be a good thing to work on over the summer ready for the autumn.

Each soup’s ingredients vary so quantities are very flexible depending on what we have available but the base is usually very similar.

Sweat onions and garlic in oil of your choice with chopped root veg for about 10mins

Add water to cover the top of the veg and add marigold bouillon (amount dependent on amount of water you use-follow directions on side of the bouillon stock pot and adjust to your taste. I usually put less than they say and add more later if it seems to need it)

Add ground cumin, mixed spice, or any such thing of your choice. Sometimes I just add bouillon and herbs other times more spices. Often grated root ginger and turmeric too. Again this can be as much or as little as you like. Experimenting with quantities and combinations of vegetables is fun and eventually you will hit on recipes you have made for yourself that you like and can repeat again.

Cook on medium heat and add leafy veg when the roots have softened.

When leafy veg cooked to your liking blend with a soup stick or leave lumpy if you prefer.

Add more water and seasoning if needed and always good to add black pepper at this stage. You could even add a dash of cream if you like such things!

Serve with a sprinkle of parsley and /or roasted seeds if you like them


and added

PS Forgot to say,  this week I cooked the lentils first with seasoning and added the rest while they were boiling so there was no oil this week. Sometimes I sweat the onions and garlic in oil first and then add them to the lentils but was running short of time this week. Also remember to have quite a lot of water with lentils as they will stick to the pan very quickly. Make sure you keep stirring.
You can also add beans/other pulses to get a better nutritional balance. These can be cooked from scratch or added from a tin near the end of cooking with the leafy greens.

To which Paul replied

That’s excellent. Thank you so much.

So now you know all about our soup!

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