In a week ..

Well last week was an interesting one!


…saw the farm full of people for Open Farm Sunday. Over 400 visitors came to ride on tractors, clamber on bales, dig in the earth and cook flatbeads over the fire filled with wild garlic and stinging nettles. Lovely.


… was a pumpkin planting day with children from Okehampton. There was a bare patch that needed filling and the 7 year olds did a great job with care and co-operation.


… was a charcoal cooking day. The Globe Language School came a visiting, clipping willow to cook in a tin and sitting out on the hill with cows and calves sketching away.


… was a mobile shop in school day. Two schools, 300 people and lots of telling tales of pumpkin plants, milk miles and beetroot tasting! Great fun and educational to.


… was a birthday celebration back at the farm. Archie was 6 and was the first person to blow birthday cake candles out whilst sitting in the great storytelling chair in the organicARTS Community Garden. Very special indeed.

A proper week of food and farm based learning and celebration that is good to share.

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